Singing About the Farm!

Music Leads the Way to Learning!

We LOVE to sing with our students. It is a wonderful way to teach new concepts and develop language skills. Anita Collins in her book, The Music Advantage, writes that the latest research indicates that “music and reading may well be complementary learning activities,” with music serving as a tool to improve language learning in young students.

Farm Theme is an Engaging Study

A Farm theme is such a fun way to engage your students in learning. Most children love animals and learning fun facts about them. If you are lucky, you may teach near a farm that allows you to take a field trip. But, singing about the farm is fun too. Of course, everyone knows about the Farmer in the Dell song! We have written a song called The Busy Farmer. It tells about a farmer  who busily gathers eggs, wool, milk, and honey from his animals. It is easily sung to the tune “The Wheels on the Bus”. There are stick puppets that students LOVE to use to “perform” this song for their  classmates, other classes and anyone who will listen! Many additional resources are included with the songbook. Click HERE to find it at our TPT storel

Another Fun Song to Sing

A visit to the farm is a great culminating activity to end your study of the farm but if you can’t go in person there are lots of videos available online to give your students a virtual experience…without all the dirt! Our Let’s Go Visit the Farm Song is a perfect resource to add to your thematic study. “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is the tune for this song. Lots of additional resources to go along with it. A Beginning Reader, stick puppets, Vocabulary Chart and Interactive Take-Home booklet are included. Click the title above to link to it.

Free Singable

Here is a fun FREEBIE to add to your Farm studies. It is called “Mother Hen”. It is easily sung to the tune “Are You Sleeping?” (AKA “Frere Jacques“) A large book, Song Chart in Color & B/W, a Take-Home paper, Life cycle of a Chicken chart, and Pocket Chart cards accompany the song. Click HERE to grab this FREEBIE! Check out the singables at our other TPT Store, JK Singables!

Hope you enjoy doing a Farm study with your students. We have always loved this theme!

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