All About Insects

It’s spring and insects are back! It’s so great to study all about insects in Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms. Learning all about insects makes a great theme for students and they love those creep crawlies…especially the boys! We love everything about them….except when they bite! Did you know there are over a million different kinds of insects that have been identified? Scientists are  discovering more every year! Wow, that’s incredible! Your students will enjoy learning all about insects……those creepy, crawly, wonderful critters!

Insects as Food??

We’ve learned that much of the world’s population eats certain insects! Many insects such as crickets and mealworms contain 20% to 76% of pure  protein. Just 3.5 ounces of grasshoppers or crickets contains between 14 and 28 grams of protein! And they are all low-fat! Sure haven’t seen any of them listed on any Keto diet! We’ve even seen recent news about insect food sources being tested here in the United States.

Buffet, anyone?

Need a fun Song to add to your study of Insects?

There is a great song we created called ALL About Insects. This song (and its supportive activity pages) tells all about insects and is a great introduction to any study of Insects! It is easily sung to the tune “Twinkle, Twinkle Little  Star”. It comes with an Imovie that shows the pages while we sing the lyrics. Show this on  a big screen or a tablet and your students will easily learn to sing along! This product not only includes a song but numerous photos, interactive and take home printables and much more. It will be a valuable addition to your study of insects.

All About Insects Song for Kindergarten and 1st grades
Click the image to link to it at our TPT store

These Beginning Readers will engage your students with text!

We ALWAYS need lots of Beginning Readers to get our students engaging with text. One of our most popular items are our Non-fiction reading sets. Find the Butterfly Readers HERE and the Non-fiction Insects {HERE}

Butterflies! Flutterbyes!

One of the best insects to study are Butterflies. (They were once called “flutterbyes” because that is what they did….flutter by!) You can order Butterfly Growing kits and watch the larva develop and the chrysalises form. When the butterflies hatch it is so exciting to take them outside and release them. Your students will be thrilled! We have created a great product about the Butterfly Life Cycle and even made a song that tells the whole cycle. Click HERE to find it! We also have a great packet called “1-2 Butterfly Photos for You.” It is loaded with activities and printables for studying butterflies. Check it out too!

Need a Freebie to add to your study?

Another fun activity is to equip your students with small magnifying glasses and send them outside to look for insects. Even if they don’t see many they will have a great time looking through the magnifying glasses at blades of grass and rocks! Sing this fun song for FREE! I‘m a Bug Watcher has some fun activities to go along with it….and did we mention it is FREE! This product is a small part of a much larger Insect Non-fiction packet called Nature’s Superstars. You can click HERE to view the product and an extensive preview so you’ll see what a valuable addition this will be to your classroom.

We hope you are enjoying a fabulous spring and will ‘hop’ into a great  study of insects with your students!

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