Phonics – Blending C-V-C Words

The Science of Reading stresses beginning readers need the skill of blending C-V-C words early on in their reading journey. Teaching phonics in the classroom can sometimes feel like a “monstrous” task.  For some children this skill comes easily.  They figure out the monster of the phonics “code”.  They know all the letter sounds, short vowels, long vowel pairs, special vowels and so much more. But for other children, it’s a huge challenge and can be confusing and often scary.

As teachers, we’re always trying to find a way that helps the phonics  concepts “click and stick”.

There are many ways to practice C-V-C phonics skills and apply them to reading. Teachers who use guided play with learning games find it benefits the learner. These activities target specific skills and help motivate, provide problem solving challenges, and increase attentiveness.

We love reinforcing concepts and skills with learning games. A game called “Roll & Read has students practicing LOTS of C-V-C words in a fun way! Our students LOVE this game and never realize they are practicing CVC blending over and over again. We have a FULL product with 4 different game cards so hundreds of words can be created just by the ‘roll of the die’! 

Here is a copy of the FREE Game you can download HERE! Check out the FULL MONSTER SPORTS Roll & Read HERE!

Included in this FREEBIE is a WORD BUILDING Center Activity. It comes with Letters and a Word Building Mat and complete directions. Find it on our Free Resources page.

Free CVC Printable Worksheets for practicing C-V-C Word Blending Skills

Here are some FREE CVC Printables you might find effective with your students. Click HERE to find it on our FREE Resources page. It is a small part of a much larger product found HERE at our TPT store.

Learning Games will have your students practicing in a fun and effective way!

Since we find Learning Games highly effective for reinforcing skills we offer many other C-V-C games. Here are just a few.

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